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Welcome to Little Glow Yoga

Hello and welcome to Little Glow Yoga. My name is Rachel Hardy and I am a Children’s Yoga Therapist.

We are called Little Glow Yoga as every child is a light....each one of us has a little glow in our heart, I try to connect to that light and make it shine. I work with the child and see the child not the behaviour or disability working from my heart building each child’s individual strengths and working with them on areas they may be struggling with. I believe there is nothing a child can’t do we may just need to change the way we do it. I can’t say what will happen when I see a child but I can say that yoga will help them to reach their full potential and when children learn techniques for relaxation, anger management and self esteem building, they can navigate life's challenges with a little more ease.

‘Little Glow Yoga honours each special glow and aims to give each child the chance to reach their full potential whatever that may be whilst fully accepting them for who they are’.

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